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Welcome to the official website of the Community of Happy People! Happy World Meal Gate was borne out of a deep-seated desire to bring lasting succor and much-needed food security in Nigeria and Africa.

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About Us-

Who We Are

We are passionate about earth’s greatest resource:PEOPLE. Where others see challenges,We see solutions.We are Africa’s fastest-rising food security network. We are passionate about empowering people to enable them meet their basic need:Food.

Spearheading the Crusade

We are spearheading the crusade ‘’OPERATION SAY NO TO HUNGER’’ in homes & communities in Nigeria and Africa.

Make It Better

Leveraging on the multi-level marketing platform,together We will defeat hunger/malnutrition and increase disposable income of the lower class of society.

Good Nutrition and Food Security

We believe good nutrition and food security should be readily available and accessible to everyone; irrespective of creed,status,income or geographical spread

Fiat Panis

We wholly concur with the Food & Agricultural Organization (FAO) motto: ‘Fiat Panis’ which means ‘Let there be bread..

Pioneering the campaign against hunger via network marketing.

  1. Full Satisfaction guarantees Productivity.
  2. We are capable of providing adequate nutrition to ensure all-round efficiency and output.
  1. Sign up and join the crusade against hunger,malnutrition and poverty.
  2. Using the multi-level marketing (MLM)platform,We aim at increasing disposable income of the lower class of society.
  1. Receive assorted food items
  2. Earn steady income

Here’s a cross section of what our customers across Africa are saying…

“Happy World Meal Gate is real.It is unlike any other network business out there.Prior to this time,people found it difficult to feed.But with this platform,people now have food and money in their account.It is truly a great place to be.”

Jude Ibe Member

“For those who are yet to join, it is important you hasten up and join now. Once you come on-board, your pocket will be filled, your family and community will no longer know hunger and you will touch lives. Happy World is the best.”

Nelly Edozie Member
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