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Increasing food prices,loss of jobs,decreasing income &hunger in Africa. We are proffering a sustainable food/reward system for everyone.

Welcome Message by The MD/CEO

Hello Friend,

Welcome to the official website of the Community of Happy People!

Happy World Meal Gate was borne out of a deep-seated desire to bring lasting succor and much-needed food security in Nigeria and Africa.

We are family/community centered and passionate about the overall wellbeing of Africans.Led doggedly by our firm belief in people as our greatest resource,We set sail in October 2016 to ensure the provision of food and standard nutrition for all.

It gladdens my heart that our impact reverberates not only in Nigeria but also on the continent.We are currently adjudged one of the fastest-rising network marketing companies and our food security initiative is second to none.

We are presently in several states in Nigeria in addition to several countries spread across Africa.

Our watchword is hinged on integrity and service;laced with a strong corporate governance culture.A combination of these elements,provides the requisite fuel to ensure world class standards and top notch service delivery.

As our success partner,expect a retinue of life-improving value added services and bespoke benefits tailored specially for you.

Remember:Happiness is not only a state of mind,it is a lifestyle!

Join Us as We daily say NO TO HUNGER & MALNUTRITION!!

See you at the top.

Your Success Partner,

SY Lento


This isWho We Are

We strongly believe hunger and malnutrition are global threats and monstrous emergencies which must be tackled decisively and without delay.
This can only be fully achieved via the provision of food which is obviously a basic human right as enshrined in the United Nations (UN) human rights charter.
We are proffering a sustainable food/reward system which embraces civil servants, traders, artisans, pensioners, farmers, students and a wide array of low income earners and ensures that as soon as anyone registers on our portal and meet the requirements; they are rewarded, also generate much needed income and in the process drive their feeding expenses to the barest minimum.

Compensation Plan

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Using the multi-level marketing (MLM) platform, together we will defeat hunger and increase disposable income of the lower rung of society. Partner with us and together we would make hunger, poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition history!

The founder of Happy World Meal Gate is not a stranger to hunger-he grew up in the midst of it.He knows the pain and hopelessness associated with hunger and malnutrition.He has been there!He grew up as a farm boy in a remote area of Nigeria and had to put up with a lot of deprivations.As providence would have it,he struggled through the daunting challenges ,got sound education and earned a comfortable economic status.But he wasn’t satisfied.He was worried about the global threat posed by hunger and malnutrition especially in Africa where over 27% of the population is under the scourge of severe food insecurity.

He decided to embark on a mission to wrestle the debilitating cycle of hunger to the ground.He got thinking and came up with the concept of creating a platform for sustainable food/reward system that will not only afford participants food supply but economic buoyancy.Happy World Meal Gate is a multi-level marketing (MLM) network that was started in 2016 to help people overcome hunger and poverty.As a confirmation that the right chord had been struck,the concept very quickly attracted a huge number of participants from all walks of life-civil servants,traders,artisans,pensioners,farmers,students and other low income earners-whose fortunes have now taken an upward swing.

Today,Happy World Meal Gate has metamorphosed into a movement that has rapidly spread its tentacles to all parts of Nigeria and several African countries with membership in excess of 2 million.Beyond the multilevel marketing aspect of HWMG’s operation,the organization is partnering with governments and corporate institutions to enhance agricultural productivity and combat hunger in Africa.It encourages economic development in every country where it operates by distributing only food items produced in that country.

The rapid success of HWMG as pioneers in this realm has brought about the emergence of a flood of business  copycats that have unsuccessfully tried to imitate its model.HWMG’s superiority is anchored on originality,integrity and robust corporate governance.HWMG has assembled a crop of bright minded and dedicated personnel who are consummate believers in the fight against hunger,malnutrition and poverty and are prepared to help you in your quest for food sufficiency and financial freedom.

Join the movement.

Compensation Plan